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The BEST proposal process aims to be both supportive and developmental. Our goal is teach applicants about the proposal development process while developing a strong application. Supporting this process, applicants will review a proposal development instructional video (below) and sign up for personal consultations with members of the BEST Leadership Team.

BEST is currently accepting new applications for the 2017-2018 year. (UPDATE: application deadline has been extended to Monday May 22nd, 11:59pm)


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Proposal Development

Proposal Development


Develop a great project idea

STEP 1: Watch the instructional video describing the proposal process and pro tips to your application success.


STEP 2: Brainstorm a campus climate initiative that addresses key goals identified in the request for proposal document: 

STEP 3: Review the application and evaluation rubric below (download the application here).

Step 4: Now that you have learned about the BEST application process, please come to at least one office hours to receive personalized feedback on your application (Attendance is mandatory):

(UPDATE: you may also schedule personal consultations through May 22nd by emailing us,

  • April 24 - Monday - 5:30-7:30pm - Math Sciences Building, Room 8361A

  • April 27 - Thursday - 10am-12pm - Moore Hall, Room 3034

  • May 1 - Monday - 2-4pm - Moore Hall, Room 3034

  • May 2 - Tuesday - 6-8pm - Moore Hall, Room 3034

  • May 8 - Monday - 2-4pm - Math Sciences Building, Room 8361A

  • May 9 - Tuesday 6-8pm - Math Sciences Building, Room 8361A

  • May 11 - Thursday - 10am-12pm - Math Sciences Building, Room 8361A

  • May 15 - Monday - 8am-9:30am - Moore Hall, Room 3034

If you cannot make these times, contact us directly to schedule an alternative ( 

Step 5: Submit your completed application to Your materials will be reviewed by the campus advisory board and BEST Leadership Team members.