Develop a project idea

Start to develop a project concept that takes into consideration some or all of the key goals outlined in the request for proposals: 

  • Engage marginalized UCLA communities
  • Enhance, expand, or create resources/experiences for marginalized communities
  • Promote sustainable or renewable equity-oriented leadership, programs, and/or resources
  • Support personal and collective empowerment of project participants
  • Advance personal and collective understanding of equity issues on campus and beyond
  • Strengthen and create affirmational spaces for underserved communities at UCLA
  • Foster solidarity among students, staff, and faculty of varied social identities, campus communities (e.g., orgs), and across disciplines and administrative units
  • Action-oriented

We want to support you in developing a strong and successful proposal. To that end, we ask that those interested in submitting a proposal write a brief concept summary using the form below, while keeping in mind the program goals listed above. Members of the coordinating team will provide feedback in a timely fashion. NOTE: The final proposal is not due until May 16, so do not feel rushed to complete this form. However, the sooner we receive an entry through this form, the sooner we can provide feedback to refine and improve your proposal. 

Name *
Individual change-makers welcomed
Don't stress about having a perfect name. This title can be changed at any point in the future.
What will be done during the project period?
Who will participate in the project and how will their participation change them and support a better campus climate?
Who plans to lead this project? What about your team's experiences, knowledge, skills, and connections will make this project a success?
What type of impact will your project have? How will it be transformative?
What type of funding does your project need? If BEST funding would support a pre-existing project, how will the additional money make the project next-level.?